We care life we innovate technologies with innovation at its core

Beta DrugsLtd. is a dedicated world leader in oncology. BDL is a Global leader in the development of enabling products, scientific knowledge, and technical expertise within a wide range of applications. At Beta DrugsLtd. (BDL.) we are improving both the speed to market of our products and the value of our product introductions to customers. Inspired by a newly-formed breakthrough innovation group, Beta Drugs Ltd. (BDL.) is actively exploring opportunities that stretch business and technology boundaries.’.

As we work more which systemize our approach towards innovation, however, we clearly realize that understanding customer needs is what distinguishes us from other technology organizations. BDL is a seasoned player in formulation development with major experience for more than two decades. With strong presences in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri-Lanka & Philippines Etc. Our one of modern plant is ready for EU-GMP inspection which will be accomplished by the FY-2020-21. We are very active in immediate target markets like Asia-specific, African continents, North American countries, European subcontinent & ROW markets, etc. Also closely working with our close partners’ for total self reliance in all APIs’.

Innovative product development is a result of our sustained growth.