We accelerate access to quality, affordable & innovative cancer medicines.

Because, every moment of life is precious for cancer patients.

Our Strength

Our Manufacturing excellence ensures

Beta drugs Ltd is the manufacturer of widest range of anti cancer drugs in India.

We very well understand that every moment of life is precious especially for cancer patients. Therefore our commitment to act with speed to find innovative solution that address the unmet need of cancer patients, and to accelerate access of much needed medicine at affordable cost around the world.

Our cutting edge manufacturing facilities for anti-cancer formulations & anti-cancer API, comply with cGMP & approved by WHO & other regulatory bodies. We have employed the best of technologies in our manufacturing process. To further intensify the check on quality levels, we have dedicated quality assurance & quality control team.

Our manufacturing facilities consist of an API & formulation plants:

Research & Development

Focus of our research is to meet patient's need

Beta Drugs limited is amongst a handful of Indian Oncology companies to foresee the importance of R&D and invest heavily in these activities. We have highly accomplished team of dedicated scientists for process and analytical work.

We are extensively working for NDDS like Liposomes, Nanoparticles, or Micro-particulate systems. We are one of the few Indian companies who have successfully developed & commercialized Nanoparticle –Albumin–Bound Paclitaxel, Ready to use Docetaxel & Gemcitabine.

We are extensively working on a New Drug Delivery System (NDDS), PARP Inhibitors & Targeted Therepies (NIB's).

We also have one of the richest product pipeline of targeted therapies which at different stages of development.