In BDPL we have got strong therapeutic portfolios to combat high disease burden areas like Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Lung cancers, G.I. Cancers and Supportive therapy with customized & optimized pipelines, social marketing initiatives. We practice effective therapy management to counter the disease life cycle for more life & rather better quality life than earlier, in every moment in cancer patients. Last one year we have successfully planned and launched high volume building products like LUPARD(Lueprolide depot injection), ADBIRON(Abiraterone Aetate  Tablets) , ARBAZ (Cabzitaxel ), FISTENT(Fulvestrant PFS. Injections), AB-PACLI(Albumin bound nano-paclitaxel, in-house technology) with poised to achieve  success in both B2B and B2C segments.

Leuprolide acetate is known as grand fathers’ product. There are several versions of the hormonal treatment, leuprolide acetate, which is the active ingredient in drugs used primarily used for treating the symptoms of prostate cancer but also approved to treat some other conditions. Leuprolide Acetate (LUPARD) world market size is Rs 5,157.6 Crs. as on 2016. Growing prostate cancer population (25% increase in the incidence of prostate cancer in mature countries and 40% increase in emerging countries, from 2010 to 2020) is an impetus for the growth of the market.

In Prostate Cancer segment we have another block buster drug is Aberiteron Acetate which shows very promising result in newly diagnosed high risk metastatic prostate cancer, according to the latest study published in ASCO-2017i.e. LATITUDE Trial.

Adding  abiraterone acetate plus prednisone to standard hormonal therapy for men newly diagnosed with high-risk, metastatic prostate cancer lowers the chance of death by 38%. In a phase III clinical trial of 1,200 men, abiraterone also more than doubled the median time until the cancer worsened, from 14.8 months to 33 months. These data were presented today by Fizazi et al at the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Today we are one of major producers of finished dose cyto-toxic including leadership in nano-technologies, which will contribute more than 10 crs. of addition toplines.

Portfolio optimization in chronic segments like Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Hematological Malignancies’ and mass care like supportive therapy products.

Clinical Trial Transformation and line extensions  in supportive therapy segments –ADCUMIN (Nano-curcumin Ranges of Products) with Nano-Curcumin  liquid & capsules. Smart Mouth support in oral hygiene for chemotherapy and radio therapy patients, Radiation dermatitis, Spray for Xerostomia and Dysphasia (Severe Dry mouth & swallowing problem).All natural body wash for radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients. Specialized soap for cancer patients etc..