Committed to Healthcare

Because, every moment of life is precious...

We at Beta Drugs Ltd, Strive for Affordability Accessibility Acceptability of medicines

Our Vision

To achieve a sustainable leadership in complex chemical synthesis for Anti-Cancer bulk drugs and finishes dosages.

Our Mission

To touch the lives of millions of cancer patients by expanding access to Quality & affordable drugs through cutting edge technology and advance R&D.

Our Promises

Our Values

Cost Effectiveness

We believe healthcare is only effective when it’s affordable, hence we put in extra efforts in ensuring that we make cost effective products by achieving economy of scale and backward integration.

Collaboration & Partnerships

We firmly believe, Success is best when it’s shared and hence we consider everyone who associates with us i.e. patients, industry partners, and the communities associated with us, as partners.


We care about the well-being of our patients, care givers, and the communities we touch. We care about our colleagues, creating a respectful, inclusive and a diverse working environment.

Patient First

We understand patients, and how fighting a disease takes a toll on them, so every step we take is in the direction to try and make this fight easier, by focusing on driving better treatment outcomes and not compromising on quality & affordability.

Value through innovation

We constantly innovate to create better value for our patients, our partners in the healthcare system and our stakeholders. We persistently focus on originality and try to find better ways to excel by creating products for current and future unmet needs.

Focus & Accountability

We believe that as leaders we set the right example by focusing diligently on everything we do by defining clear objectives, efforts and attention to deliver. We always hold ourselves accountable to the promises we make through our products & research.

Leading the Way

We are passionate about being first to market and realizing opportunities, but we also ensure that we lead by example as leadership happens through and with the people.

Our Milestones


Laid the foundation of Adley Group by Late Shri. Vijay Batra


Entered into Oncology Market


Setup the first Oncology Unit in Adley Formulations Pvt Ltd.


Foray into the international market


Setup a new "state of the art" manufacturing facility for oncology formulations.


Developed in-house Albumin bound Paclitaxel.


Received SME Excellence Award

Listed in NSE - National Stock Exchange

Commenced In-house API Plant - Adley Labs


Setup an oncology plant in Uzbekistan.


Setup Inhouse PFS Facility


Launched 1st Indian Brand of Dasatinib, BEEDAN


Launched 1st Indian brand of Sunitinib, ADSUNIB.