"You Build Hope...

We accelerate it"

We firmly believe in the spirit of "Growing Together"

Life at Beta Drugs

Beta drugs ltd is a place where you can fulfill your dreams. It is the place where your talent gets recognized and awarded as well. We believe in the spirit of “growing together”. Our systems and policies are employee friendly and promote open communication, innovation, research and development, diversity and assure health and safety.

Employees enjoy the luxury of taking up roles that are exciting, rewarding and also one that provides them a platform to demonstrate their talent as emerging leaders. Beta Drugs Ltd has many examples where people have taken high trajectory in their professional life. Through excellent career development opportunities, provide a platform for carving a path of accomplishments to all people.

Beta Drugs Ltd is growing at fast pace and it is a result of passion, hard work, diligence and creativity that our team brings into work every day. But we also follow the rule of work-life balance to ensure effectiveness across all spheres of life. As a member of a fastest growing Indian Oncology company, you will have the opportunity to see your ideas come to light, rub shoulders with the best of talent, work in a professional environment and see your career soar at Beta drugs Ltd

Sports Activities

As far as we talk about physical health, we have formed sports activities with an aim to enhance the physical well-being of our employees and foster teamwork. Basically it will build a sportsmanship spirit.

Employee Volunteering

Our CSR entity – during this pandemic we have donated oxygen concentrators to the deprived ones and also organized camps like blood donation programs to encourage employees to volunteer.

Team Engagement

Throughout year we conduct various activities to keep our team inspired and motivated. Through these activities they feel a part of the Beta Family.

Empowering employees through regular training

The main aim of Beta is to build a professional excellence through regular training and development.

Right Environment for Growth and Happiness

We believe that when people with diverse skills are bound together by a common purpose and value system, they can make magic.